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Tepe Park Neighborhood Association Values 

We Believe in the Power of Community: We are stronger together.

We Believe in Inclusivity: Everyone is welcomed and valued as community members.

We Believe in Resident Driven Initiatives and Solutions: Using our community created Quality of Life plan as a guide. Recognizing and Celebrating efforts by all neighbors who are striving to improve and revitalize our neighborhood, whether they are active Association Members or not.

We Believe in Collaboration and Teamwork: Everyone has something to contribute. Only together, neighbors-partners-organizations-stakeholders, will we bring sustainable positive change for our neighborhood.

We Believe in Open and Honest Communication: To grow our community together in a positive and productive way for all the residents who live here.

We Believe the Neighborhood Association exists for all the residents of the Tepe Park Neighborhood:  Not for the interests of the Association

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